Friday, August 04, 2006

Almost there...

Hey all :)
How is everyone? Well I hope!
Well today I managed to get more stuff done for the fete and I've gotta say..I can't wait for the bloody thing to be over! I burnt 3..yes 3..batches of toffee today which totally pissed me off! OK..I usually burn the first batch every year but 3?? My house smelt like a bloody crematorium!! Have you ever smelt burnt toffee? Ewwww..
I made a heap of coffee stirrers today. I made them a couple of years back not knowing whether they would see and only lady bought the whole lot. Apparently Gloria Jeans sells them for $2- each so I've made a few more this year.
I had a bit of an argument with Josh, my eldest, today. I'm starting to get a bit pissed off with his attitude lately and I feel that he is starting to push the limit a they do. I'm going to have a serious talk with him just as soon as I can pry him away from his bloody mates! Sometimes I wish he'd meet himself a nice girl. He was much better off when he had his chick as far as I'm concerned!!
Although most of his mates are a nice bunch..a couple of them don't work. One is in between jobs and the other wouldn't work in an iron lung and I don't like them being here all the time.
Michael and Jayden came home today both from their little travels, Michael for work and Jayden for school. Poor Jayden is sooooo tired but said he had a great time. :)
We've just come home from Indoor cricket so he'll be even more tired but thats OK..I'm about to curl up with my SM and have a read before bed. Tomorrow we're off to Five Dock to get the toffee apples for Sunday..yummmmm..have you ever had a fresh toffee apple made that morning? They are to die for. The people that make them always give us fresh ones to eat on the way home. Can't wait!! ROFL Small things amuse..LOL
Oh..speaking of food to die for..yesterday when I went to get more cellophane bags for the lollies I grabbed some KFC for lunch which I don't usually buy. I love it but it doesn't love me and doesn't sit very nicely on my stomach..LOL But..the craving was too hard to endure..well thats my excuse anyway..and I bought some of that new boneless chicken. OMFG!!!!!!!!! How nice is that??????? Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Not fatty or anything..delish!
Alright peoples well I'm off for a rest before bed. Tomorrow I'll try and get some pics of all the lollies and upload them.
Take Care


Yvette Adams said...

I can't believe how much stuff you are cooking. You're a legend! I can't wait to see the photos. Don't you forget!

Bec said...

I agree...burnt toffee is just freakin gross!!! And the smell lingers for hours...yuk!!!

Best of love n luck for your chat with Josh.. male attitudes are the absolute pits!

You are a true champ for the amount you are doing for that bloomin fete!! Cannot wait to see the pics!!! Yummo for the toffee apples too...used to love them!

Have a great weekend!!! Our fete is tomorrow so I'll be out all day.. *sigh*

Take care
love n Hugz

Kylie said...


youre insane for cooking what youve cooked

rotfl also at josh. you mean, 18/19 year olds are difficult?

i thought we were all angels. i musta been wrong rotfl

i WILL SEE YOU on sunday!!!

Sam said...

you are a champ!!
Since becoming a kinder mum for the first time this year I have noticed there are ones that get in and help and then there are the ones that sit back and take the credit :(
You deserve a huge pat on the back well done mate!

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