Monday, August 14, 2006

Sick kids

Hey all,
Wow..what a day already!! Josh woke up late for work and I haven;t heard from him so I hope he got there in time.
I finally sent Jayden back to school today after his bout of tonilitis only to have the school ring me this morning to come and pic him up as he had a migraine..poor chicken. This is the 2nd time he's had one now and he looked shocking when I picked him up. He was as white as a ghost and could hardly walk and talk but he managed to get to the car in the schools car park and thank God Michael had some sort of oil tray thing in the car 'cos the poor kid vomited all the way home. I took him straight to the docs who this time sent me up to get some migraine medication for him which has helped him. I've just given him the 2nd dose which I was able to if the first dose worked. If the first dose hadn't of worked the doc was sending us up the hospital. Nevertheless, I'm taking him for brain scans to see if there is anything more sinister behind all this. Fingers crossed there is nothing.
Jack is also home today but yet again..he has tricked me big time..there isn't much wrong with him! He just gets that excited as I mentioned before about parties and things he works himself up that much that his stomach starts doing flip flops or something!
I was very busy this morning and got the washing out early so I changed all the sheets on the boys beds and washed those, made 2 chicken and vegetable pies for dinner and I've just baked a dozen patty cakes. Haven't vacuumed yet but I'll do it tomorrow when Jaydens head isn't so sore.
I've uploaded the LO I finished on Saturday night. I really like it..I love the pic.
Anyway..thanks for listening..take care.
Sharryn :)


Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

argh... sorry.. I hit the wrong button before.. I realised I spelt your name wrong.. then anyway.. i'm rambling!

I hope all is ok with Jayden Sharryn. Nothing worse than that uncertainty.

Love the layout!

Shelley :)

Mardi said...

Sharryn I hope Jayden is terrible for the poor little guy.
Sounds like you have been very busy as usual...and in amongst manage to whip up a storm in the are my kitchen idol..thats for sure!!

Anonymous said...

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