Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More sick kids

Hi chickens,
How are you all?
Well I took Nug (Jayden who is aka Nugget) along yesterday for the CT scan and everything looks OK. Thats only from my point of view though..I've read the report myself and it looks OK but I'm taking the report back to the doc today. I think unfortunately he is just going to be one of these boys who suffer from migraines during puberty. I hope it stops then..the poor kid was so sick and in so much pain it was awful to watch him like that. Yesterday he still felt a bit groggy and was very clingy to his ma..LOL..even though he is 13 yrls old..he is such a smoochy kid. :)
At the moment I have Rhiannon in bed vomiting and I'm waiting for the doc to ring so I can take her and myself along to see him. I had an awful night last night and I was buggered yesterday..weak muscles..headache. I tossed and turned and shivered and sweated last night but didn't feel nauseous. Rhiannon sais she was the same but is vomiting..I'm hoping it's just a virus or something. I've really felt like shit lately.
Michael was away with work last night but he'll be home tonight some time. Josh has ridden his push bike/public transport all week this week!! OMFG...that is one HUGE effort! Riding from here to the station leaving at 4.30a.m which is about a 15 min ride..catching a train to Central then riding from there to work which is another 15 min ride..working all day then doing it all again in the afternoon. He has tomorrow and the next day off. He's not complaining though..he says he's really liking it. The only thing he has to watch is the alarm clock going off..LOL
I took the 3 youngest boys to Spartys yesterday afternoon as this year the school is having dress ups for Book Week. Hello?? We've never had it..why start now? LOL I managed to get Jedd and Jye Ninja outfits..the costumes were all marked down. The costumes were supposed to be size 12-14 but when they tried them on they both had the biggest wedgie ever! ROFL Oh I told's Ninja or nothing..LOL Jack already had his Frodo outfit.
Well thats about it for me today..nothing else to report.
Take it easy
P.S This LO I FINALLY finished is of Jedd turning 11 in December. The LO looks a bit crooked but it's straight IRL.

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Sam said...

good to hear that the ct seems ok, fingers crossed he doesn't suffer to many migraines, they are bloody awful things.
Hope you and Rhiannon are feeling better soon

Take Care

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