Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jack the nagger..LOL

Hey all,
Hows your weekend going? We've had a quiet one this weekend thank goodness! Even quieter this afternoon with Jack at a birthday party that was 4 hours long...YEEHAAAAAAAAAAA!! God that kid can nag!! When he has a party he starts getting excited like..2 days before and he starts the countdown the day before..precisely 24 hours before the party starts! It's 9.00 o''s 10..00 o'clock..etc etc...for SHIT SAKE!! I know what the friggen time is!! Get outta my stuffen face! Grrrrrrrrrrr...anyone know/remember what it's like to have an 8yr old right in their face? You just want to whack it..LOL Sometimes I feel like buying DOCS vouchers for the kids birthdays so they can book themselves in respite for a holiday..LOL Oh..isn't that bad..I'm so awful sometimes. He's really not that bad..uhum..cough cough!
So when I dropped him off at the party I sort of found myself right near my LSS so I thought I'd go and pick up a couple of layouts I had there..well why not I was there anyway right?? Then I had a bit of a look around 'cos I don't go there that much...and they had some really great Heidi Swapp alphas that I've wanted all colours. Then I couldn't decide what colour I wanted and I thought..well while I'm here I may as well get them all..'cos they won't be here next time I come back..they never are..are they? So of logic ruled out my ' can't afford this' side and I now have some lovely new alphas! They didn't cost that much..really. (Trouble is I'd already been to another LSS on Friday as I was seriously in need of new alphas). Ummmaaaaaaa!! LOL Well I won't tell Michael if you don't..LOL
I managed to get a layout finished last night which I'll try and upload if blogger comes to the party. A layout using the pic of Jye I uploaded the other day with digi brush action around the sides. I love that pic. :)
The fete must have left some kind of impression on my brain as I haven't stopped cooking since!! I used to be really big on baking when the kids were a bit younger and I managed to bake something fresh every day..muffins, cakes, biscuits. It was also a lot cheaper for school lunches too. Then I slackened off but since Thursday I've made a chocolate cake, 1 dozen double choc chip muffins and 1 dozen orange and poppyseed muffins. Yummo. I always bake from scratch preferring not to buy cake mixes. This afternoon I've also made some home made mini spring rolls for dinner. For treats over the weekend I've made up some jelly cups which I prefer the boys eating rather than lollies etc. I just combine 2 packets of jelly crystals, make them up and pour them into plastic cups and put the spoon in them so when they are set they just take them out of the fridge as is and you don't have to worry about washing up bowls and spoons every 5 mins.
You can also add fruit to the jellies too.
Last night we watched The Chronicles of Narnia and it was such a lovely movie. I didn't think it was like that and I didn't take the boys to the movies to see it but I really enjoyed it. It's definately one I'll buy eventually..probably for Jacks birthday next month.
Well thats it for me..I'm off to cut some photos ready for scrapping a LO.
Catchyas on the flip side..

P.S Nope..can't upload the LO..will have to do tomorrow.


Kylie said...

lol u r too funny. lol about the alphas. u only wanted them coz u saw em on my mum and me layout in there. rotflmao!!!!

just so you know.. they have had those for a month or so and yes, they are still there, so your excuse is void. ROTFL!!!

Yvette Adams said...

Which alphas were they? I love all the heidi chipboard alphas. I just had to buy the same ones in lots of different colours :)
Can I come over to your house? I love baking! But DH doesn't like cakes etc, so it would just be up to Tassy and I to eat everything. I'd be a real porker!
I love Narnia too. I can't wait till Tassy's old enough to watch it. She's 4 and some of the creatures are a bit scarey! She has watched the old cartoon version, which she loves. btw - the wolves in the old cartoon used to give me nightmares!

deirdre said...

LOL Sharryn, you are an absolute p*sser! And done keep where you get the DOCS vouchers from a secret, hey I'm about ready to pay for someone to take Ciara so I can get a full nights sleep!
And I am sure you needed those alpha's, and I wont tell anyone, especially since I have spent too much on CS the last few days. closing down sale, cheap bazzill.
god I ramble. seeya! Love Dee

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