Friday, August 11, 2006

Pics uploading

OK girls..I think I've worked out the blogger problem. I think you are better off posting pics in the morning..LOL Always works for me and I tried it this morning to see if my theory worked and voila!! 3 pics uploaded that wouldn't upload last night!
I nearly shit myself about 15 minutes ago! I turned on my computer and monitor and my monitor came up with the 'No Signal' message. My tower started wailing like a friggen police siren and nothing I did could fix the situation! I couldn't turn the tower off and the monitor wouldn't budge and I'm thinking great..13 years of family history..all Rhiannons HSC works (which she has been constantly reminded to back up anyway!!) and heaps of other stuff..all gone!
After a while I had the brainstorm of turning the power to everything off and when I switched it back on again everything seemed fine. Fingers crossed that it was something minor but it certainly didn't seem that way!
I'm waiting for my ISP to ring me and see if they know what it could've been.
I wore my mouth guard to bed last night for the first time..God love me..I looked like the biggest spunk ever..ROFL It was a great relief to my jaw..loved it! So it was money well spent..thank goodness. Michael nearly shit himself when I showed him how much it was..LOL He said put the bloody thing can wear it 24/7 for that price..LOL
I think I might start blogging in the morning seeing as the pics are uploading at that time unless I have anything exciting to report in the evening..ROFL
Have a great day


Mardi said...

Ahhh Sharryn..youve done it again..I nearly wet my pants reading your last entry...and the actual topic is far from funny...but when you relate the tale its a hoot!
Bugger about the jaw pain...Ive heard of it but Im like you and I never give it as lot of thought...I really hope your little bit of plactic helps.
I was so bummed that you didnt get a call for the Masters...your layouts were absiolutley who knows what they are looking for....Im guessing mine will be home in the post very shortly. I would love to see your BTP item...could you upload it to your Blog in the morning?
I love your photoshop work on the kids have some lovely brushes....I need to download some more...I dont have the knack of it all yet.
Take care...glad you are feeling a little better...must have been all the get well vibes we all

Kylie said...

loveee what youve done with those piccies. gorgeous. love the lo too. you clever chicken xx

Bec said...

Am so glad the guard relieved your jaw, that would have made ya happy!

Layouts are gorgeous as always.. you really have the digi thing down pat...I am at a total loss with digi.

And I hope your computer doesn't have another fit! Did the ISP ring you back?

Have a great weekend!
Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work »

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