Thursday, August 10, 2006

Far out!!

Fair dinkum!! I think I need to go and find a friggen cave and sleep until this life time is over!
Please..if my blogs have been a bit depressing lately..don't read on. I know I've been whinging and whining lately and I'm sorry but I feel I can vent here without taking it out on my family...if you know what I mean.
As some of you know I haven't been feeling too well lately and I'd put this down to a possible CFS flare up. I actually haven't been feeling as bad as I was on Monday or Tuesday so maybe it was just a case of taking on too much and not realising it and when it was all was probably just my bodys way of saying 'hey..have a rest'. Fingers crossed anyways. I went to my Dr. for a check-up yesterday anyway 'cos I really don't want to risk another flare up and also to find out about this terrible, terrible jaw pain I've had since Friday fortnight ago. I've been getting it on and off for about 18mths now and it would only last for a day. Dickhead me thought it was lock jaw and I'd seen my old doctor about it a number of times. He told me it was probably just a bit of arthritis in the jaw. Over the months it has gotten a bit worse until it started occuring weekly and this time it's lasted for 2 weeks and getting worse. So this new Doc sent me for X-rays today also thinking it was arthritis in the jaw (probably from too much talking) but the x-rays came back OK. This afternoon I got a bit worried thinking my next step would be go see the dentist where I've just come from. Turns out it is TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) which I have heard about as I have a condition called fibromyalgia which is a muscle/nerve condition and a lot of people that I've met/spoke to have TMJ as a secondary condition. Great!! It just means that the muscles in my jaw have become tired (like the rest of them in my body) and are getting sore from having to work so hard. This was a bummer to hear for me as I remember that when I used to speak to othr FM/CFS sufferers they would tell me of their myofacial pain and secondary conditions and to be honest I didn't have much sympathy. FM/CFS at it's worse is an absolute nightmare and I couldn't think of anything that could be worse than that. Then when I started to come good (well I thought I did) I didn't give it much though. This TMJ is very painful. So..the way to treat it..I had to have a splint made up. My dentist was telling me that a few years ago it was a major thing to have the splint made up but now they are done in the surgery in a matter of minutes. I then almost suffered a massive heart attack when he told me the price!! OMFG! $538-!!! For this tiny plastic piece of crap that sits over my two front teeth making me look even more of a friggen beaver (according to my 8yr old!!...and yes..said in front of the dentist and his 2 dental nurses..)!
I'm sure this is the first time (well maybe the 2nd) that I've ever said thank goodness for MBF! They paid $350- of it and my dentist (God bless him) let me off the gap as he reckons $538- is ridiculous! So now I have a nice little piece of plastic to wear to bed..along with my passion killer flanny nightie and ugg boots. Well I may as bloody well..I don't think poor old Michael is going to want to suck face with a beaver!! ROFL
So..I'm not sure if I'd rather have the TMJ or arthritis in the jaw.
I completed my scrap bio for Scrapboxx and I'm quite happy with it. I did a digi 'cos I can't get into the real thing at the moment. I'll try and upload it. I also played with some digi brushes and a pic of Jye that I'll try and upload.
If you've read this far..thank you so much for means the world to me.
Nope not going to work..I'll upload tomorrow.


Bec said...

oh my goodness...but hun you are such an adorable looking beaver!!! KNOW I had to get that off my chest. Look, you and Michael have one of those magical long lasting marriages, so I can't see him getting worried about you wearing a small piece of plastic over your teeth...and you want to feel better? At least your teeth are real!!! I lost ALL top teeth due to anorexia, the teeth I have now are an almost exact replica of what I had. So there ya least you can sneeze and your teeth won't go flying!!! pmsl

I am really bummed to read about this TMJ, sounds awful bloody painful!
Whinge and whine until you have nothing left to whinge about babe.. thats what we're all here for! Seriously, if you can't let it all out then you are only going to do pretty big damage to your nerves. Chin up and I will pop in again tomorrow and see how you're doing.

Love n Hugz

Shelley said...

You know what - this is YOUR blog.. you can say what you like here. We are all adults and can choose to read on or not! Hope things improve soon.

And lol at Bec's flying teeth..

Shelley :)

Sam said...

Hope you get some rest and LOL at beaver - I am supposed to wear a night guard which sounds like a similar thing... they are terrible
take care of yourself

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