Saturday, August 12, 2006

La La Loser Masters Entries

Well here are my la la losers Masters 2006 entries that didn't even get a look in. :(
I sooooo can't wait to see who wins this comp there is so much talent around at the moment that it could just about be anyones. It's very exciting isn't it?
I'm loving seeing other peoples entries over at the Boxx gallery and I can't for the life of me see why they didn't ask for Sue Rohweders' (sp) entries to be sent in..her entries are fabulous!! I think I was a bit off the mark with my monogram but I like it anyway. I really should've got a bigger one but I just couldn't find one! Oh they say..better luck next time. At least Rhiannon now has something to keep her Japn trip stuff in..don't think I ever would've got around to making that..LOL
Pretty quiet here at the moment. Michael is out cooking a BBQ for an early dinner..Josh and Rhiannon are at work..Jayden is playing the Sony and the other 3 are kicking the ball around with the neighbours kid.
My father came over but he's not staying. He was diagnosed with diabetes last week and is really taking everything mega seriously. Don't get me wrong..diabetes is not something to be made fun of..but if you knew my father you'd know what I mean.
I've got a half finished layout sitting on my desk that I really want to get finished tonight so hopefully I do.
Enjoy your weekend everyone and stay safe.
Sharryn :)


Yvette Adams said...

I have only seen your and Janelle's entries in the Scrapboxx gallery. But they were both gorgeous! Where did you see Sue's work? I haven't seen it.

Did you finish your layout last night?

Kylie said...

ur not a lalalaloser. you rororock. who cares if they didn't want em, theyre great and YOU love them and WE love them so thats ALL that matters. OK!? GOOD!

Hope your fathers ok, and LOL i know what you mean. about taking things too seriously. When Dad had his cancer scare it was like the world was going to end (like sure it's scary, but nothing was confirmed!!!), plus when he had a cold the other week I asked him what was wrong and his reply "I think I'm dying" PFFFFT


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