Monday, July 31, 2006

Digi brushes

Hi all,
Well I finally had a day at home today and believe it or just about nothing done! I got a couple of batches of fudge choc. nut and one caramel. Haven't cut them up yet.
Lately I've been watching all the pics surfacing that have been digitally altered using brushes in PS and other programs so I finally downloaded some this afternoon and had a go myself. I've played with a pic of a friends grand-daughter and I'm really happy with the results. Hopefully blogger will let me upload it. Please give me feedback I'd be interested in what you think of it too overdone?
It's my friends 40th birthday today..OMG. I can't believe we are getting that old..ROFL I'm one of the youngest in my group of friends and will turn 40 next year. I'll sit back for now and watch them do it gracefully..LOL
Thats about it for me..I just wanted to upload this pic for comment.
Sharryn :)


Yvette Adams said...

It's gorgeous Sharryn! Not overdone at all. I can understand you not getting anything done today cos brushes can absorb so much time! Are you addicted yet?
But I would count "cooking" as getting something done today anyway!

Sharryn T said... know I'm going to blame you Yvette if I become addicted to these brushes don't you? ROFL :)

Sam said...

looks great Sharryn!!

Kylie said...

hey shaz. i wouldn't say its overdone but id say it would look even more gorgeous in black and white. just a thought!!! looks great

Julie said...

Sharryn U know I love this....looks so cute!
He he n e pointers you can give me?...I need to do a day of just playing
& It's not overdone!

Bec said...

Definately not overdone..looks fantastic!!! Very stylish and creative :-)

Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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