Thursday, August 17, 2006

Run over a Chinaman...LOL

Hey chickens,
Well I'm bloody sure one of us here have run over a Chinaman!! Michael has returned from his night away with work only to have x-rays on his ankle that he fell over a log on! Thankfully..nothing is broken but the doc says there is a heap of soft tissue damage and ligament damage. It is swollen and black as a Niggers clacker and obviously the best thing for it is rest! Great! I love having my husband home resting his 'almost' broken ankle...NOT!!
Rhiannon woke up a lot better this morning although she is still in bed. I told her she may as well stay there for a rest she's been studying so hard lately. I, on the other hand..still feel like shit. It's like I've got the flu..muscle pain, shooting pains, dizziness...but no flu. It's really weird. Hopefully it'll all be better tomorrow.
We have a free weekend this school related stuff..just us. Yeehaaaaaaaa. Not sure what we'll do though. At the moment we are just a pack of sorry asses so we'll probably stay home and complain to each other about our illnesses and pains..ROFL
I was pleased this afternoon to hear that someone has finally been picked up for the murder of that sweet little American girl Jon Bonet Ramsay, who was found in the basement of her family home in Boulder, USA. Her parents were just about hung and quartered for her murder which must have been the most awful ordeal to go through ever imaginable! So..thank goodness...the truth will finally be told. Her poor mother apparently died about a month ago awful that she'll never know her childs killer has been caught.
There is also a story in the news at the moment about a father who apparently drove his 3 sons into a dam or a river last Fathers Day? He is saying he had a coughing fit and blacked out but a friend of his is saying that a few months before the guy told him he was thinking of doing something bad to his kids to piss his wife off. I couldn't imagine that she'd be anymore pissed off with him than by him killing her kids! The asshole. How could you do something like that?
A couple of years back one of my brothers friends had a sister that had a child to this guy that I went to school with. After they split up the guy had other kids to 2 other women. About 4 years ago on Fathers Day..this dickhead had all his kids for the day and smothered the lot of them with a pillow. What sort of tosser does that?
My brothers went to the eldest childs funeral and it was just heart wrenching for them to witness. They brought me home the funeral book and he was just the most adorable little boy ever. I'm sure he and his siblings are now angels watching over all of us, as are the 3 little brothers that died by the father driving them into the water. Not yet ready for this earth.
Well thats it for me this afternoon.
I'll leave you with a layout I've finished. At the moment I'm going through the start of my photo folder from my new camera which starts in Dec '05. I probably should really start with the folders of my old digi camera but I'll get there eventually.
This LO is of my son Jayden and the journalling is just about how he has always taken care of himself and his appearance but more so back then when he'd turned 13 and had just about finished his 1st year of high school.
Have a good day.
Sharryn :)

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Sam said...

Another great LO Sharryn :)
It was good to hear they got the guy who killed that little girl, But I struggle to understand how people could kill their kids. Hope you are feeling better soon and Michael's ankle heals quick!
If you want I can email you the instructions on how to put the pics at the top of your blog. :)

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