Monday, August 28, 2006

Making a start

Hey all,
How is everyone? Well I hope.
I'm coming along OK..don't want to say good 'cos everytime I do I seem to have a setback so OK will do at this stage. I'm trying to push the boundary more each and every day to get back up to the 'normal' me..if there is such a thing..ROFL..normal isn't really a word to describe me..LOL :)
I told Michael last night that this week I am determined to get a start on the City to Surf challenge and I don't care if it kils me..LOL Have to make a start somewhere.
So this morning I walked the perimeter of 1 and a half soccer ovals..just nice and easy and practised breathing while walking. I'll start by doing this 3 times this week. Then I came home and had breakfast...right at the time Michael rang to see how I was. I think I nearly gave him a heart attack when I told him I was about to indulge in a bowl of Special K with strawberries!! You see..I've never been a breakfast eater..most of the time I don't eat lunch either..I just have a big dinner with all my veges.
But..I'm about to change all that and have 3 meals a day. I've just made a wholemeal ham and cheese sandwich and I have a piece of cake I made for the kids last night so that should see me through..LOL
Today is 9 weeks since I quit smoking and I'm still amazed that I've done it! Up until I got sick last week I was still really wanting..not craving..a cigarette. They say things happen for a reason and I think I got this virus so I wouldn't think about smoking..LOL Well I haven't thought of one anyway. How cool is that??
I'm also going to start drinking water so I'll have to go and get a water bottle for myself.
Yesterday the boys had cricket trials so I sat down one of the cricket ovals for about 5 hours. Was good to catch up with the same old familiar faces I do every year during cricket season.
Finally I'm back on Scrapboxx..I have no idea what happened there. But..I'm back and can now read up on everyones' posts.
I'm off to read everyones blogs now as I haven't done it for sooooooo long. I feel like I've been away and I've really missed reading your blogs.
Take Care


Bec said...

Glad to read you are coming along hun, lets hope it doesn't take a long time for you to be back on your feet properly again. Good on you for giving the City to Surf challenge a go!!!!
9 weeks of non-smoking..well done Sharryn!!!!!!! Am proud of ya!
Take care, and rest when your body says it wants a rest!
Love n Hugz

deirdre said...

Good to hear you are feeling better Sharryn, was getting pretty worried there, about you and Julie. Take it easy and dont train too hard for the C2S, go at your own pace, you can try to set the land speed record next year. And good to hear you are eating sensibly now, good girl, bet you feel so much better in the long run. Take it easy, and dont try to be super mum, be i need a rest mum for a couple of weeks.
Take care, love Dee

Shelley said...

Good on you for nine weeks off ciggies.. thats a feat within itself let alone all the other stuff you have going on!

s. :)

Mardi said...! dont do anything by halves....good on you.
So pleased to hear you are feeling a little better....and good luck on the City to Surf...I have no doubt you'll start...not with your determination. Huge Pat on the back for the nine weeks of no Ciggies...that is awesome!
Take Care.

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