Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thanks chickens

Hi all,
Firstly, I have to say thank you to all you gorgeous girls for the lovely comments you've left've all gave me the fuzzies. :)
I am feeling better now..not completely over it but taking one day at a time and pushing a bit further each day. It's really weakened me and I hate being like this.
On the down side..I've given it to Michael. :) He never, ever gets sick but this has him by the balls big time.
We both went to our doctor yesterday and he has taken blood from Michael but he was 99% sure he had this stupid virus although hopefully it won't hit him as hard. It seems to hit people whos' immune systems are a bit off. Poor bugger. Typical male..thinks he is dying when he gets sick! He was last night though..I hate seeing him like that..I don't cope very well when he is sick 'cos it's always him looking after me and I feel a bit vunerable when he is sick. Anyway..I'm sure we'll both be better soon.
During my 'vacation on the lounge' I have read so many friggen scrapbooking magazines to keep inspired but fair dinkum...every layout is blending into another so I think I'll give the books a rest for a while.
I signed up with the lovely Beth for the City to Surf challenge she has going just before I got sick and bought myself a journal to scrap the journey and havn't touched that yet. I got really pissed off with myself for getting sick as it's put me behind everyone and I was really looking forward to focusing on this challenge. I have 2 of my kids, Jayden and Rhiannon, who say they are going to give this a go we'll see how we go. I'm going to start next week..but a bit slower than I would've.
At the moment..for some bloody reason I can't get into the Boxx site. I just thought the server was down but it seems its a problem on my end. Probably trying to get rid of me hey? ROFL
Anyway..I have Maria via email trying to get me back in so I'll wave goodbye noe and catch up with you all later.


Sam said...

good to hear you are feeling a little better :) all the best for the C2S

Kylie said...

glad your getting better. on the other hand,rotfl no comment.

Julie said...

U've had a bad trott of it lately Sharryn, good to hear there have been some improvements though.
Good luck with the city to surf....brave girly...I couldn't do that!....LOL!
catch ya

Shelley said...

Glad you're starting to feel better Sharryn. Good on you for the C2S thingy.. better you than me :p

Shelley :)

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