Wednesday, July 19, 2006

YAY...finished my 10 layout challenge!!

Hey everyone :)
Have just come home from a night of coffee, drinks and chat with some of the Mums from school...yeehaa..LOL Was OK but I really wasn't in the mood for it. I got to sit with one of the new teachers though and she is so nice. She is taking a year off from her duties as a Nun to help her mother look after her sick sister.
I got a heap of ironing done this morning and then had a bit of a slack attack. I managed to get a layout done this afternoon though which was great 'cos now I'm finished my 10 layouts for Mardis' scrap to shop challenge! Funnily enough..the weekly challenge at the Boxx this week is to scraplift a layout from the I've scraplifted one of Mardis'..LOL I'll also be using the same layout as the 10th in her challenge!! I also didn't get to upload my last layout here yesterday 'cos blogger is playing up for some reason and not letting me upload pics. I'll try again in a sec to get that last layout up. The one I finished this afternoon is yet to be photographed.
Jedd is going on his Yr 6 school camp tomorrow so better get going as he has to be at school at 6.45a.m. I then have to come home and get Rhiannon and Jayden off as well as Jye and Jack back to primary...I was going to keep Jye and Jack at home. Hmmmm..we'll's just a major hassle otherwise.
Well I'm off later.
P.S Looks like this layout will now upload. It was inspired by a Becky Fleck sketch. :)

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Bec said...

Well done and congratulations on succeeding in Mardis Scrap to Shop challenge...and I am loving this layout!!!
Hows the non smoking going hun? I haven't heard much lately and I am hoping that its all going ok?????? Remember that your friends, including me, are here to support you!
Thanks heaps for your comments yesterday on my blog. *hugz*
Love n Hugz

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