Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cars suck

Far out! I should really learn to keep my mouth shut! 'Oh..nothing much happening around here'...yeah right! When is there ever not much happening around here? Seriously? My whole life is one big friggen drama!
So after the water pump goes on the van last week and I had to pay $430- to get it fixed..actually I still owe my mechanic $90- from last week..I went to pick the kids up from school yesterday and I pulled in to my car spot..petrol started pissing out everywhere!! At first I had no idea what it was until I rang Michael to come up to the school and have a look. He was just as dumbfounded as me 'cos we thought it was poil at first. Cut a long story short we got it to the mechanics..yet again..and it was petrol..apparently the petrol pump or whatever you call it has shit itself! Great!!
I'm seriously beginning to wonder what I done wrong in a previous life 'cos I can't seem to get much right this time around! After a while this sort of shit really gets you down.
Oh..and before that, yesterday morning Michael starts asking me what I'm getting the kids for Xmas. I'm like...yeah..been thinking about that a lot lately...NOT!!
Turns out his boss bought these you-beaut dune buggy, jeep type things brand new and cheap from the auctions and Michael wants to buy one for the boys for Xmas. Hello? Where the fuck are we gonna put it? I mean...Josh..our eldest..recently bought a trail bike that I said yep..you can keep in the garage. That has now been upgraded to his bedroom...chained to his FUCKING BED!! OMFG! We have a house alarm for goodness sake and he still has this bike chained to the bed. However, when he goes to work he leaves the front door wide open and I'm always yelling out to him..can you close the door on your way out..I don't want to get kidnapped. Hey..maybe I might start telling him to leave it open..maybe my kidnapper will be a good sort...hmmmmmmm.
All that aside though...where is Michael going to keep this dune buggy? It won't even fit on our trailer but apparently thats all under control...he'll just modify it!! I may as well move aside now and make room..I can just see this thing chained to the bed. Do you think I'm acting jealous? hmmmmmmm..it's just that I was never chained to the bed..ROFL Oh yeah...he has a good argument here though...it's only $2000- Really good price!! OMFG!! Where, pray tell, am I going to get an extra $2000-before now and Xmas?
Josh has gone for a job interview this morning in the city. I have no idea why he would want to work there but he is only 19 and I really think he wants a change in his life at the moment. He has worked where he is since he was 15 yrs old and it's time for him to move on to bigger and better things. So fingers crossed for him.
I'm off now..off to cook..something different..LOL
I'll try and upload my last layout..see if it works today.
Thanks for listening


Julie said...
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Julie said...

*Sheesh Sharryn not having a good run of late are you. >:(
Here's hoping it's the last of the car troubles.
*Yah know...men will find room for the things they want-ALWAYS!
*Hope all goes well with Josh's interview & they say a change is as good as a holiday.

Yvette Adams said...

So funny about the trail bike chained to the bed :D BOYS!!!!

I hope your luck turns with cars turns around.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

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