Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hey all,
How is everyone? Good..I hope. Well this afternoon I'm sorry to say all of the emotions I've been experiencing in the past few months come to a bit of a head and I found myself at my doctors after months of not seeing him. Again, he was angry 'cos I'd left things fester so long but like I explained to him, he is now in a medical centre where there are heaps of people waiting to see him and I'm just not prepared to sit there for hours waiting for him. Cut a long story short..I'm back on the meds and will start on them tonight. It's funny...a comment was made to me in passing this afternoon by a friends husband who I only know through school about my moods lately and I was asked what was a nice way of course. It must have been the catalyst I needed to get me going 'cos I then realised that other people were obviously noticing the difference but I think I knew this all along. You kind of get that idea when you know people are not talking to you the way they normally they are treading one egg shells around you. Oh well...we all have our moments don't we?
Today I was sent a copy of my LSS online newsletter and it mentioned that I'd won the competition and a $50- voucher so I went in and spent it. I ended up getting a BG lunch pail 'cos I've wanted one for soooooo long. I got some new yummy papers too seeing as I've finished my 10 LO scrap to shop challenge that Mardi set. I've decided to do the Everyday moments comp. that FK has running too. I got some new PP for that today as well.
Will look into this further though before I commit..I think the whole theme is very broad.
Jedd got away on his Yr 6 school camp OK this morning..he was so excited..God love him. He'll have an awesome time tonight.
Last night was OK. I ended up just having 2 drinks (alcoholic) and a coffee. Just wasn't in the mood and after my friend went home I followed soon after. Just not into menial chatter at the moment with people that I 'have' to chat to rather than 'want' to.
OK..well thats it for me..Jayden is wanting to use the 'puter so I best go and we'll catch up again soon.
P.S I will attempt to upload my 10th and last LO that I finished last night for Mardis' challenge. I'm also using this LO for the Boxx's weekly challenge this week where the theme is to scraplift a LO from the gallery so I thought it fitting to scraplift one of Mardis'..LOL She's away at the moment now anyway so she'll have no idea..LOL


Sam said...

must have been the day for it I think, but I am glad you saw your doc and I hope you are feeling on top of things again soon Shaz :D
Congrats on the voucher and yes I want a lunch pail too .... one day LOL
Take Care

Bec said...

I've been wanting one of those BG lunch pails for ages too!!! Like sam..its a 'one day' item for
Am happy you finally got your voucher and spent it all! Yayy and very pleased your entering EDM comp...yet another comp we're doing together :-)
You've done the right thing by seeing your Doc and getting back on track..thats great news! Keep us updated as to how you're doing.

Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

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