Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wheres my $50- voucher???????????

Howdy doody neighbour-roonies..(spoken in my best Ned Flanders voice..LOL)
I actually live next door to the serious..they are so holier than thou it's not funny! Great people and I love 'em to death..only thing is I have to check on them every so often in case one of their halos has fallen down and choked 'em!! :)
Well it's peeing down raining here at the moment and the boys are all stuck inside but at least they have all found something to do for now. My father will be here soon so no doubt the quiet will be over as he'll rile them all up as soon as he gets here!
I have all this washing that I have to put the drier now which I hate doing..but thems the breaks. Kids go back to school on Monday and they need clean socks and undies..LOL
Jye had cricket training down at the centre yesterday afternoon and one of the mothers was telling mke about this guy..who is a fair dinkum tosser..who had a go at her last Wednesday night for something that I know she didn't even say. Apparently this guy is on the warpath and reckons he's going to single out all the mothers that get down there on a Wed. night (including me) until he flushes out who started a particular rumour. Well..I hope he decides to do it tomorrow as I'll have my ass parked at Liverpool Indoor cricket centre for 9 hours straight and I'm sure I'll really be in the mood for some gonad to have a go. Bring it on buddy!! Yeehaa! How excitement!!
I managed to get another layout finished this morning which is the 8th in Mardis scrap to shop challenge and I've also used it as my challenge entry on the Boxx this week..LOL
I was meant to join in a cyber crop last night on another site I've been visiting lately and for some reason I couldn't get into their chat room which I was really annoyed with. Don't mean to be rude but felt that they really didn't give a shit whether we could get in or not..there were others that couldn't participate also. Maybe I'm wrong and was just in a mood 'cos I couldn't get in and I was really looking forward to it...but I dunno...LOL
Don't know if I've mentioned but apparently I've won a $50- voucher at my local scrapbook store for a competition I've won...but they still haven't rung to tell me. What the?? I actually noticed it when I was in there buying a mag. last week but 'cos it was on the back wall I didn't want to sound like a goofball if it wasn't my layout. And the next day Kylie SMS'd me to say I hadn't told her I'd won...well I would've love if I had've KNOWN..ROFL
I got an email from them know the standard 'We're having a sale and we've got all this great new stuff'..but no 'Oh..come in and get your $50- friggen voucher' involved! Wonder why they haven't rung? Surely they're not busy that they can't even ring and tell me?
Oh well..thatsd it for me today. I'll upload the last 2 LO's I've done. The Lion King one is a bit basic but I found the pics really hard to scrap. Rhiannon took me to see the Lion King last year for Mothers Day and bought the tickets herself..isn't that awesome??
Next one is of Jack and his little mate.
Ciao for now


Julie said...

love the HALO comment Sharryn ya crack me up girl!
That guy sounds like a complete "NUFFA" can't wait to hear what happens on that front.
Buggar about them not telling u about ur voucher! I mean it's $50 bucks worth!
See ya :)

Kylie said...

rotfl. you true bogan you. go in and ask about it you silly sausage. and check out my new layouts. i'll probably be going in on wednesday imight say something about you not having been told.

Anonymous said...

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