Monday, July 17, 2006

Back to school

Hey chickens,
How was everyones weekend? Mor exciting than mine probably..LOL
Yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be at cricket although it was 9 hours stuck in the same plastic chair..there were constantly games going on in the nets in front of me and lucky for me they were mostly Jyes' games. So all in all..not too bad.
I managed to get another layout finished on Sat. night..gee..I've been scrapping up a storm lately! 9th layout in Mardis' challenge now completed so I only have to do 1 more and I can go scrap shopping...when I get my bloody voucher of course!! :( No..they still haven't rang to let me know!!
For some reason I couldn't uploade my layout the other day when I said I would so I'll try again in a sec. Blogger has been playing up lately when I've been trying to upload pics.
My babies have gone back to school this morning God love 'em. Michael has a day off and he has taken them which is why I'm on the pC at this time of the morning..LOL Aren't I sneaky??
I've been encouraging Michael to do some craft himself as he has been really into HO scale model trains for donkeys years..he's been making little shops and warehouses etc..and it's really good 'cos I son't feel so slack when I go to sit down and scrap..LOL Hmmmm yes..there is a method behind my madness of encouraging him...evil witch that I am..ROFL
Well thats it girlies..if you're kids have gone back to school today..enjoy the peace. Or if like me you have a fete to cook better get to it..LOL


Sam said...

LO's are fantastic :)

Bec said...

Great Layouts Sharryn!!!! You are certainly creating up a storm lately..and only 1 more LO until you can shop again!!!

Love n Hugz

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