Thursday, July 13, 2006

So over chocolate..

Howdy doody y'all,
Not much doing in this neck of the woods. Got a heap of fete stuff done this morning..far out..I spent the whole bloody morning in the kitchen..LOL Have now finished the peanut clusters and almost the Rocky Road so can start on the coconut ice soon and whatever else I decide to make this year. I am SO over this stall though and this year I think will definately be my last. Ten years on the one stall (well 11 if you count last year) is more than enough. Someone can take it over next year while I'm still at the school and I'll help them. The stall is HUGE and there is NO WAY someone will walk in and do it themselves first go. Not unless they have plenty of help and believe don't get plenty of help.
While I was in the kitchen I ended up cooking a hot lunch for the boys sausages, left over chops from tea last night and fried tomatoes which they thought was great. I also had dinner cooked by 1.30p.m..LOL
Then sat down to start a layout and Michael came home. So I then procrastinated forever over what layout to do and have finally just finished it.
Rhiannon went shopping with one of her girlfriends today for Formal dresses. OMFG!! She rings me to tell me there are 2 dresses that she likes..both cost $330-..should she lay-by them as they are having 2 formals this year for Yr 12!! Ummmmm...NO!!
I spent at least $500- on her Yr 10 formal and the dress which I had made is sitting in the closet with the silverfish! Not to mention the shoes and handbag that will never be used again. I also got professional photography done that night..which was a great deal but not the point. I just think it's an outrageous amount of money to spend for 5 hours or so.
OMFG..just watching the Footy Show and they've picked Anthony Minichello as one of the games sexiest players. What the? He has a head like a bloody smashed crab!! Far out..they need to have another look I think.
Tomorrow is another day of cooking for the fete..just to get the chocolate stuff out of the way. Jye has cricket training tomorrow afternoon for an hour or so then home for dinner which will be a pasta bake. Gee..wish I could be this organised all the time.
Anyway...ciao for now..and take care.


Shelley said...

Hey there Sharon - I'm a regular reader of your blog - like to read how things *really* are - and you are always so too the point - love it! I haven't commented before - but when I read your thoughts on Anthony Minichello I just had to agree - when they asked him what his worst feature was I'm thinking - yeah surely he has to say his nose... and he goes for his bum - what the!!! Keep it real girl - love it!

Shelley :)

Sharryn T said...

Hey there Shelley,
How you doin'? Great I hope!
Thanks for dropping by and saying hello..I really appreciate it! :)
Hmmmmmm..I think Minichello has more than one worst feature..LOL..and it's not his bum! you have a blog> Maybe I can come and visit you.
Sharryn :)

Yvette Adams said...

Your life sounds so busy! Good luck with the stall. I'd love to sample some of your cooking!
If the layout you were talking about was The Lion King, then I just commented on it at Memory Bugs! Great layout!

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