Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Exorcism is over..I think..LOL

Hey all,
Well..I think the 'old' me is slowly but surely returning back to this ol' body of mine. :)
Day 14...2 whole weeks..have come and gone of NO SMOKING and FINALLY I can say it's getting a little easier. I actually woke up this morning not thinking about having one straight away.
I must admit..I haven't been the easiest person to be around..let alone live with for the past fortnight but I'm sure it'll be worth it all in the end. I'm feeling great and have even started telling a few friends that I'm giving up and the response has been fantastic. One good friend wishes I'd told her when I started giving up so she could join me..but I'm glad I did it this way with no hassles..just me and my own demons. I feel a bit like Linda Blair in the Exorcist..LOL Believe me..thats how I've been carrying on anyway.
Over the weekend I ended up getting 3 LO's done which was great. The Wave Rider one and two others that I was quite happy with. I'll upload for you to see..LOL
Got the van fixed yesterday and picked up this morning. A whopping $438-..just for a water pump!! What the?? Oh well..at least I can take the boys out somewhere now. Hope it runs on the smell of an oily rag 'cos theres no money left for petrol..ROFL. I'll have to get the boys to push it!
Jye has his little friend over tonight and tomorrow we're going to watch his brother play footy as he's been selected for our district Under 13 side..which is an awesome achievement. They'll be playing South Sydney Juniors though so I'll be freaking out not knowing who to yell for..LOL
That's about it for me..don't have much goss as I haven't been nagging on the phone lately so I didn't have to tell anyone I was giving up the fags..LOL
So take care...and thank you to everyone who has sent me supportive emails and messages. You girls will never know how much I truly appreciated the support.
Sharryn :)


Sam said...

congrats, you have done really well.
I am glad you are starting to feel better and the LO's are just fantastic :D

Bec said...

2 weeks! Woohooo!!!!!!! :-) You are going great guns Sharryn, well done... I am very proud of you!
Love these layouts, you really are producing some gorgeous stuff, I hope you are submitting ALL to mags?
Enjoy the hols hun...I was so thrilled school went back today up here!
Love n Hugz

Julie said...

Hey Sharryn the van sounds like our car....about $1500 to fix something with the steering, brakes(ok I'll admit, it's more important than scrap stuff lol) & all the little bits & pieces that seem to cost the earth!...never ends!
SO happy that ur "giving it up" (smokes) is going well & ur feel'n fine!
Have fun with the holiday's

Mardi said...

Yay...she arises from the ashes!!
It sounds as thought the inner voice is giving up...I can remember that happening with me too. First of all it was a constant battle and then you kind off forget about it unless you smell it or something. You seriously have done so well...I am so truly proud of you!!
Mardi x...oh and your layouts are fan..bloomin..tastic latley!!!

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