Sunday, July 02, 2006

Masters completed :)

What a productive weekend I had without the little darlings..LOL
I managed to finish all my Masters tasks which is great as I was really starting to get worried that I wouldn't get it all done.
The boys all had a great weekend and came home stinking of bonfire again..poo. Just got all my washing done too!! :(
I'm now on Day 6 of not smoking which is unbelievable for me..I'm finding that I'm a bit emotional but I'm sure that will pass. Michael hasn't had a smoke yet either so we're both going great guns! :)
Well this is the start of the school holidays and I have no idea what I'm going to do with the boys over the hols yet..probably the usual movies etc. I've still got so much more cooking to do for the fete yet anyway which I'll get stuck into tomorrow.
Better check my dates for that too!
That's about it for stupid bloody Neo Egg or whatever it was didn't hatch..well it hadn't last time I checked anyway. :(
Take Care


Mardi said...

Bloomin heck...youve finished your rock girl!!
Mardi x

Julie said...

Keep going Sharryn! going great guns!(not smoking)
Hey & congrat's on finishing ur masters....
good luck luvvy

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