Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kids gone camping...

Yoohoo! LOL
Michael has just left with the boys to go camping so I've got the weekend virtually free..just Rhiannon, Josh and me..but they will both be working!! :)
I have SO much to do though that I don't even know where to start! I've made my bed, washed the breakfast dishes and hung out a load of washing so far while another load is washing..chosen pics and PP for a layout I want to do for Mardis scrap to shop challenge..I really need to get my bum into gear with the Masters if I'm going to enter and I really need to make lollies for the bloody school fete! Can you melt chocolate and scrap at the same time? ROFL
This morning I'm really, really hanging out for a smoke..probably the worst since I've started this giving up journey..I really can't give in now..the kids are on my case now as I didn't say anything at first but now they all know so I would be really letting everyone down if I gave in now. I'll be heading into Day 5 this afternoon and I really am freaking myself out now..LOL
Someone did say a couple of days into it and your body starts screaming out for a cigarette in a last ditch attempt for you to give in. I hope I don't.
Oh..the Neo Egg thing I had is going to hatch at some time today..1st July. I couldn't find it at first but if you want to see what it hatches into go into the June Archives and it's there...but not hatched yet..LOL
Wonder what I'll get? Knowing my luck it'll be a packet of smokes..ROFL


Bec said...

Woohoo Sharryn!!! You are doing WELL!!!!!! Have a glass of water for each craving..dunno why but it does seem to work. Day 5 is so great!!!!
And lucky you having most of the kids gone! Can I send mine over to you now by express post? LMAO
Good to see I am not the only way running way behind for Masters.
Have a great weekend!
Love n Hugz

Sam said...

stick with it Sharryn, you should be really proud of yourself :)

Anonymous said...

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