Monday, July 03, 2006


FUCK ME! That's all I can say!
What a day! Now someone did warm ne that Day 7 wouldn't be a very good day...could they not have SHOUTED THIS TO ME????????????????
I WANT A FUCKING SMOKE!! this really worth all the stress?
This shit that goes with this quit smoking crap just isn't worth it!!
DH..who I don't give a shit..stands for DICKHEAD at the sulking out in the fucking garage..and if he keeps going I'm gonna shove his curried snags and rice fair up his arse and call him a FUCKEN stuffed capsicum...all because this week we are broke! HELLO!!
We have 8 people in our household!! He is a concretor for FUCKS SAKE!! Not that I'm putting shit on that and no..he doesn't read my blog and I really don't give a rats ringhole if he did..but he needs to realise that everything in this fucken house..and I mean insured!
We have contents insurance, we have 2 cars insured, we have Private health insurance..we have 5 kids going to Catholic schools..we have rent..we have phone and electricity...we have 5 sons and 1 daughter to feed...all on 1 income...FUCK ME!
I think I do OK with the bills and I'm seriously gonna tell him to make like a fucken duck when he gets inside and tell him to shove his bills up his fucking arse!!
I am SO OVER this shit!!


Bec said...

OMFG!!! Take one hell of a deep breath there hun! Ok, you really need to unwind..can you go for a walk? Or even grab the keys and go out for a while..time out for yourself...just suggestions hun..
On one income with 6 kids and everything, bills etc you do amazing!
Day 7 is just so great really is!!! And yes you will have days like this, I'm not gonna BS you...but it DOES get better..I promise!!!!!! I ruined about $150 worth of supplies in the first 2 weeks of giving up...and now I am able to slowly repurchase it all back. Chin are an amazing woman!

Love n Hugz

Sam said...

I have to agree with Bec.... hang in there mate, and men can just be so bloody annoying, I think the 1 thing that DH and I fight about more than anything is money... root of all evil :(

Kylie said...

i know ur not a hugger.. but *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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