Friday, June 30, 2006

Cracked SM!! YAY

Woohoo!! Got an acceptance just them from SM for a LO I did of Michael last night!! Actually, it was one of those emails that says they are 'thrilled to consider' the LO..LOL They better not get my hopes up!!
Just felt I had to brag!! one hour to go before I am officially entering Day 4 of my quit smoking challenge. I really haven't worried about it too much today. I have 3 kids home as 2 of them have a Pupil Free Day and Josh is getting ready for work so I think they have kept my mind off things. Maybe it's a good thing that school hols. start today and I won't be around here all by myself. Michael is taking the boys camping tomorrow night..back down to Bungonia. Idiots!! They'll freeze their 'nads off in this weather!!
Jayden and Jye have Indoor tonight and Jye has a Rep. Indoor gala day ALL DAY Sunday. YAY! Not!!
Thats about it for me..will update you all on how I'm going with this smoking.
Take Care
Sharryn :)
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