Saturday, July 22, 2006


Howdy all,
How are you all? Well I hope!
Been pretty quiet around here..although I shouldn't say that..LOL Jedd came back from his school camp last night and although he had a ball he just went into total meltdown when he got home. As he has Aspergers..all the noise and excitement would've been a bit too much for him so he has come home and shut himself away then asked to sleep in my bed so he must have been pretty wound up. He is fine this morning though.
Michael has just come back from taking the boys to kick the soccer ball around..great! LOL
Josh, my darling eldest DS got the job he applied for last week which is a great thing although now he has heaps more travelling to do. Good on him though...thats great! We are very proud of him. :)
Yesterday I started making the coconut ice for the fete and managed to get 4 batches done so another 6 to go. I have to go and get more copha though and I'll get some more chocolate to make coffee stirrers.
For some reason this blogger thing won't let me upload pics sometimes so I couldn't get my last LO up the other day. I'll try again now.
Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.
Sharryn :)


Bec said...

Love the LO!! Congrats to Josh and I seriously wish I could come down and sample some of these goodies you've been making the past few weeks....yummo!!!!
Thanks for the comments on my blog..lmao..I knew there would have to be at least one other woman out there that hates handbag/shoes shopping!!!!! *hugz* and ty for making me feel not-so-alone..LOL. Have a great weekend
Love n Hugz

Yvette Adams said...

Congrats to DS on his new job! How exciting for him :)
Good luck with all your cooking. You're doing well!

Sam said...

Congrats to Josh on his new job, I love your LO too :)

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