Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Better now

Aren't I a naughty girl? After last nights blog??
Hmmmmm..oh well...sometimes I feel better when I truly have a huge vent and mark my words..last night I vented that much I nearly blew a head gasket!
I can't believe the emotions I have ridden in the past 8 days of not smoking. I didn't realise it was such an emotional journey. Of course I knew I would be craving etc but this is a real blubbering mess..can't have what I want type thing and I'll be honest..I almost always get what I want and don't really know how to cope without it. I've made it this far though and I don't think there is any way I'll look back now. Today I felt much better than yesterday so I can only imagine it will get easier from here.
So..sorry if you were shocked by my post last night but I really needed to let fly.
Michael had the day off work today due to the rain and my father was coming over so I thought I'd act like a 'big girl' again and cook a nice lunch. :)
I must say..it was really nice. I cooked 2 roast and seasoned chickens, heaps of baked potatoes, baked pumpkin and carrots, baked onions, spinach and chicken gravy. I also made 2 homemade apple pies with fresh whipped cream. Yummo!
It was actually really nice as it obviously isn't every day you can spontaneously cook a big lunch on a Tuesday with everyone at school or work..so was fun.
I can't believe Michael has just asked me whats for tea though!
Rhiannon went into Sydney Uni today to do a course on Biology which will be continuing tomorrow. God love her..not many kids would do that in their spare time. She is studying Biology as part of her HSC this year and is finding it a bit difficult so I'm hoping today and tomorrow will really help her.
My father has taken Jedd and Jack for the night..:) so is pretty quiet here at the moment with the other 2 playing the Play Station..one inside the other in the garage..LOL Michael has gone to buy bread for his lunches tomorrow and in a minute I might run a bath and have a read of my new SM that just turned up. These magazines are coming out earlier and earlier but hey..you won't hear me complaining. I LOVE my mags!
Oh...I wonder who has the cover this month? I won't let on yet but I'll tell you it looks fantastic!! Well done chickadee!! :) LOL..my DH is shitting himself that the layout I did of him that was accepted on Friday will make the cover. How funny would that be?? The poor guy hasn't even seen the LO yet as I'd sent it in before he got home from work! He has only see a pic!
Before I go..I completed a LO today..3rd one in Mardis scrap to shop challenge. This LO is of my gorgeous Joshua when he was about 8mths old..he is now 19yrs old. I kept this very simple as I haven't done that many baby LO's and I wanted to keep it soft but due to the colours he was wearing I found it quite hard. Lots of hand stitching on this LO and it looks so much better in real life. I'm quite happy with it though.
Anyways...until tomorrow
Take Care
Stupid blogger won't let me upload pics..will have to upload LO later.


Kylie said...

hey shaz. very proud of u for not smoking. i hope it gets easier day by day :)

Kylie said...

and missy dont u dare apologise for what u put on ur blog. ppl who read read because they want to, if theyre offended they can turn around and walk right on out of there. don't apologise for what you put on your blog - ever! it's totally your space


Linda said...

Hey Sharryn, glad your feeling better, and you have done well so far. I too hope it gets easier for you :)

Mardi said...

LOL...Sharryn...love your vent!!!

Hope all is much better now...did you slam the cyber door as well...I usually find that helps too.

Take care you funny thing
Mardi x

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