Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well hiddy hi! How is everyone????????? It seems like sooooooo long ago that I've been able to blog and check out whats going on in the land of bloggers!! I have been sooooo busy this past week!
I can't believe that so much has happened in the past (well almost) a week! Apparently SM have started calling the Top 100 and my gorgeous friend Mardi has made it!! Woohoo!! You rock girl!! I'm so happy for you! There are a few other girls from the Boxx also that have had the call so YAY for them..thats awesome! As for me..I'm kinda thinking I must have forgot to include my phone number or something..ROFL!! Nah..just kidding..better luck next year. I did great just to get it finished I reckon!! Congrats to everyone who entered this's a big comp. and there is so much talent around at the moment!
On the home front things have been extraordinarily busy..well busier. Obviously getting ready for the fete which is this time next week. I'm pretty well organised (thank goodness) seeing as I've spent so much time up at the school last week. I've started making the choc fudge but the last 2 batches I made today tasted a bit weird. I think because I added white marshmallows...don't know. I'm having my packing day on Wednesday but I'm a bit sad this year as our primary school athletics carnival is on the same day and this will be the first time ever I've missed it! I can't get out of it though unless a small miracle occurs..I need help to wrap all these lollies and it usually takes the best part of a day. :(
So..last Wednesday was my day in the school canteeen which most of you know my friend who runs it has been ill and another friend has been filling in for her. Well this friends grandmother took very ill and cut a long story short I ended up running the canteen on Thursday! OMFG..I went in with no idea even on how to turn on the pie warmers...but with a positive attitude! LOL I had just over 50 lunch orders and all the stuff to prepare for recess etc..and I have to say I had an absolute ball! I had a lovely lady help me..friend of the lady running the canteen at the moment. The lady who was supposed to come in was on her way to the Gold Coast for a holiday! Then I had a really long meeting with the DPP and my brother on Friday about his court case and thats just another story for another day. :) I went back up the school on Friday and on my way there my friends (from the canteen) grandmother passed away. :(
So I've had a huge week as I've been cooking on top of all this and running the boys around to indoor cricket. I hope this week is a bit quieter so I can get the last of the cooking done.
My darling Joshua has started his new job and is loving it! It's heaps further to travel but he is enjoying it nevertheless and I think it's great he is experiencing something different. The bugger went to Sexpo last night and came home with a tattoo which I was pissed off about as he knows how much I hate them. He has been asking me for ages can he have one and even asked me to pay for one for a present for his 19th birthday but I refused. His tat is pretty inconspicuous though..not like a big Japanese chick on his arm or anything..thank goodness!
At the moment we're watching Big Brother and I can't believe it's the last week..maybe even the second last night of BB 2006. I really hope that stupid bitch Camilla doesn't win! She has pissed me off the whole series with her whinging and whining! I'm not fussed on Jamie and Max just needs to piss off too! I'm giving my vote to David this year purely on looks..LOL He is soooooo hot!!
Anyway everyone..will try and keep updated this week a bit better than last week.
Take Care
Sharryn :)
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