Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nobody loves me....

Everybody hates me..think I'll go and eat worms..ROFL
I've had 3 comments and one of them was mine in response to my 1000th post RAK competition!! Where is everyone?? I know theres more..I'm pretty sure Mardi and Sam don't sit there hitting the refresh you girls? Do you???? LOL
Well I finally got my new lounge yesterday. :) After months of searching for the perfect one..we finally found it at Harvey Norman a couple of weeks ago and lucky for us..they had one in their warehouse in just the colour we wanted!! When it arrived though it's much bigger than our old lounge and it just looked
So I went and bought some new scatter cushions in a pale lime green colour to brighten it up and now it looks fabbo!! Bought a lime green lamp and now I've got to get a new tablecloth for our MASSIVE dining table which is about the size of a bloody billiard table to make everything look pretty..LOL
Not much else to report..oh I finished the 1st cricket vest and am hooning through the next one. I'm actually enjoying knitting again. I started a knitting group about 5 years ago at our local St Vincents De Paul head office and we were knitting for the communitys needy but I lost all enthusiasm for that after 3 years when I found the gorgeous knitted garments we had made in a cupboard that had never been handed out!! It was so disheartening to find it after all the hours my knitting ladies had put in. The group is still going and I told them I'd be back but I don't think so.
My friend up at the school that runs the canteen has just had a lump removed from her breast..she only found out Friday and was operated on thats thrown the spanner in the works up at the school. Another friend has taken the canteen over while I'm doing the baking for her as the canteen sells cookies and patty cakes for recess. So I've been baking diligently.
I haven't scrapped for about 2 weeks...I don't know what it is but I just can't get into it. I haven't even been around the Boxx very often in the past fortnight. Gee..something must be wrong then..LOL
Great time to lose my 'mojo'..right in the middle of the Masters and my 4 unfinished entries!!
Oh well..must go..I have an ironing pile the size of bloody Mt Everest and I haven't even made my bed yet.
Want to get a few things done today as the kids have a Pupil free day tomorrow and I'll have a house full.
So take care everyone and have a great long weekend.
Sharryn :)


Kylie said...

Hey! I LOVE YOU! Just because I didn't read your last post! I commented on the one previous to that! Now stop whinging. rotfl.

You need your mojo back hey.... when youre going to TSP youll have to check out my layouts.... There's a leadership one (blue and maroon), and 'dont look at me' one of lachlan on the sassafrass lass stand, and a "garden pals" one with a photo of cute little gnomes on the AC paper stand. Now LOOK! go in and find your MOJO!

They ahve yummy new (expensive) prima flowers. Now, off to woodbine you go. GO! GO!

Where are you on MSN lately, anyway, you bludger.

Ok, this comment is super dooper long, so you won't be able to whinge at me again.

Sam said...

*refresh* *refresh* LOL No I don't Sharryn haha.
have an awesome weekend

Sharryn T said...

I know you're here're the one who got me in to this blogging business in the first place..ROFL
I'll be going to TSP sometime next week and will definately keep an eye out for your LO's.
Haven't been on MSN lately either...will have to catch up soon though on there.
You have a great weekend too Sam. :)

Anonymous said...

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