Monday, June 05, 2006

1000th post competition!!

Wow..I can't believe that I've got almost 1000 hits here on my blog!!
I find that amazing..that people are reading about my boring old life..LOL Although in this house there is always something going on!! reward you people for putting up with this blog..I am going to send a random RAK to anyone who posts a comment to this particular post!! There is a method in my madness here..I'd love to find out who visits here so by posting a comment I will see.
I will let one of my boys choose the winner.
So..all you have to do to enter this little competition is post a comment to this post to qualify.


Sam said...

*waves* but you already know I visit :D

1000 already!!! you are doing well. I wouldn't even know what I am up to LOL

Sharryn T said... it turns out Sam..I've just come in for a visit and I'm the 1000th person!! How funny!
Will give it to the end of the week..say the 9th..and I'll get the boys to pick a winner then.
Sharryn :)

Mardi said...

Hi know I visit as surprise here...LOL

Kylie said...

WOW shaz that is a lot of visits! Congrats!

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