Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kid free for the night!!

Well I'm kid free for the night!! Michael has taken the boys camping..just overnight with my brother in law and nephews. I still have Josh and Rhiannon home but she is at work and Josh will be off to work later.
I'd really like to get my off the page project 'happening' but still can't find my mojo. :(
I've started it, of course, and it's looking good if I do say so's just that I have to rely on Rhiannon for the journalling and it's so hard to get things together.
I'm not sure what Rhiannon and I will do tonight but I wouldn't mind seeing the Da Vinci Code. I don't think she'll want to see it though. Maybe.
Probably just stay home and get a chow feed for tea..LOL
Thats about it from me today.
Have a good one
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