Saturday, June 03, 2006

My poor boy had a migraine!!

Well...what a day I ended up having yesterday!! So much for a quiet one!
After we came home from Jacks Mass..the high school rings me to inform me they have Jayden in sick bay with a headache. I went and picked him up and OMFG..he looked like shit!!
He was fine when he left for school and apparently when he was in home room he was reading a brochure and his vision became all blurry and stayed like this for about 30 minutes without him saying anything!! After that came the headache. So, of course I took him straight to the doctors which is no mean feat in itself. We are in between doctors at the moment as our doctor up and left his surgery after 5 years!!
The doctor sent us for X-rays on Jaydens sinuses' as he suffers from sinus, hayfever etc really badly but at this stage the doc said he thought Jayden siplayed classic symptoms of migraine. On the way to get X-rays I'm asking him all sorts of questions and he says the only weird thing was when I woke up this morning everything was orange. Far out...why didn't he say that to the doc??? By this time I was 99% sure it was a migraine and that the orange vision was an aura. I have a friend whos husband gets severe migraines and has these coloured auras as well. While we were getting X-rays I got Jyes arm x-rayed too, to see how the fracture was healing which I'm glad to say is healing well and the plaster can come off some time this week.
Jayden had his x-rays and it seems there are a few small dramas with his sinus' but the doc says he is certain it was a migraine. Great!! I really hope it was a one off and that he doesn't start suffering from this. I've only ever had one in my life and all I can say is I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!! He is a lot better today but feeling a bit dregged out so I'm sure now it wasn't sinus as this lasts for about a week with him. Poor guy.
Other news..Josh has bought anothr lizard!! OMFG..bigger than the last one! Michael made a cover for the lizards tank last night so this one doesn't get out and Josh has been warned not to fall asleep with the ugly thing on his pillow again!!
Tomorrow the primary school has a working bee and it's my turn to do the morning tea..yippee..LOL
So a laid back weekend this time round. I haven't scrapped all week but I've been knitting like a mad woman and have almost finished Jaydens cricket vest. I sewed it up last night and only have to do the neckbands and armbands.
At the moment I have the biggest pot of pea and ham soup cooking and smells yummy!!
No-one else here likes pea and ham and they are all whinging about the smell..LOL My father is coming over though and he likes it so I make it when he is coming so he can take some home.
Thats about it for me..have a good one and we'll chat soon.
Sharryn :)


Kylie said...

hey shaz! hope the soup was good! Was in ctown today going GEEZ it wud b cool if shaz was here, LOL we must catch up! TATAAAAAAAA!

Kylie said...

PS i know a lovely dr at mt annan if u r interested. tis near hungry jacks and aldi at mt annan. very nice... and great.... we followed him out there after him leaving evale. let me know.

Mardi said...

Bummer about the migraine Sharryn does certainly sound like a migraine....I have on a few occassions had the disturbed vision thing...freaks you out! Hope he is much better today.

Sam said...

Hope DS is feeling better soon, I get the odd migrane and a I too wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy :( Doc gave me some strong medication to take when they start coming on. So far touch wood I haven't had to take any.

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