Thursday, June 22, 2006


What a night! I talked Michael into taking Jye to inddor training for me so I could have a break and it turned rest for the wicked! Rhiannon gave me her Yr 12 half yearly report and I was going over that when I noticed one of her teachers had been a bit unkind to say the least and it was like a flood gate had opened!! She just burst into tears and broke her little heart and she's adamant that this teacher has it in for her!! Cut a long story short I've rung the Principal and have an appointment with him on Monday to discuss it..and to be honest he didn't seem surprised with this teachers maybe he's known for being an asshole. Well..not to this little black duck he won't be..he's picked on the wrong kid this time!! Even the Principal was surprised when I told him because Rhiannon is a fantastic kid and wouldn't give any teacher an ounce of trouble..she is studious, well mannered and always polite but I think this teacher isn't overly fussed on her PIP topic for her major work which is Aspergers. I know this because he made a comment on it ages ago. Stuff him..just because it may not be an area of interest to him the ignorant asshole!!
Then Michael brings Jye home and I could tell that Jye had the shits big time and thought..YEEHAA...'cos when Jye gets the shits believe's painful!!
Turns out his coach couldn't make it and he had this other old fart coaching the kids. This bloke has had a go at Jye once before for no reason..I know this because I was sitting there. Apparently last night he was yelling at him for some reason..I haven't got that out of Jye yet. Michael reckons he didn't see anything 'cos he had his head in the paper. So Friday night when I see this tosser..I'll ask him what he thought Jye was doing wrong and to explain why he felt the need to yell at a 10yr old..who is the youngest in the team..and who only got his plaster off his arm Monday before last and this is only his 2nd week back!!
Fair dinkum!! I probably sound like one of those mothers that thinks her kids do no wrong..far from it believe me. I am very fair..if my kids are doing wrong then they should be dealt with accordingly..whether at home, school or sport. BUT..when I know they haven't done anything..thats when I get a bit feral..ROFL
So bring it on I say!!
On a lighter note I've just been up at the primary school for a school Mass. It's our patron saints Feast Day today and the kids all got doughnuts and drinks. They thought it was great.
I've come home to a nice clean house too...Josh must have got bored without his Mummy being home God love him and he's cleaned and washed the breakfast dishes before he's gone to work. What a good boy! :)
That's my rant for today and if you've read this're a legend..LOL
Sharryn :)


Sam said...

I had a teacher like that in school :(
I went from getting 'a' grades in maths down to 'd' because the techer was an a'hole. I hope this gets sorted for Rhiannon. Sounds like a bad run at the moment :?

Kylie said...

rah at that teacher! I swear PIP's and IRPs only cause trouble! I had to argue with my teacher and deputy principal to be able to do self harm (because it was "THE SAME" as suicide - WHAT THE FUDGE!?!) but thankfully i won the fight! LOL! that showed them!!! if they have a problem with peoples topics they should talk the ed department into changing it so the topics are prescribed. rah rah rah!

hope everything works out ok

kylie xx

Sharryn T said...

I have an appointment with the Principal on Monday and from what I can gather this teacher is a know asshole.

Kylie said...

Oh yeah - been missing you on msn woman.

Mardi said...

Go get'em girl....some teachers just shouldnt be!!

Hope you sort it all out..theres nothing worse than your kids getting a rough deal...and nothing like the wrath of a furious mother....LOL


Anonymous said...

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