Monday, June 26, 2006

No Internet!!

OMFG!! We'd used up all our Internet downloads by Friday night and I was in a complete state of panic thinking I wouldn't have Internet access till the end of the month!! I did a deal with my ISP this morning though and have (hopefully) worked things out. Bit scary thinking I wouldn't be on for THAT long..LOL
Have had quite a busy weekend though and without the Net I was quite productive! Saturday I got all the washing done and started cooking for the fete. I'm now finished the coconut roughs (8 batches) and have started on the Rocky Road. Can't seem to find unsalted nuts this year though.
Sat. arfternoon I also started a layout..the first of 10 for Mardis challenge where we have to scrap 10 layouts without going scrap shopping. Haven't finished it yet though.
Sunday we met up with Michaels family for all our birthdays (which were in May!!). We went to a great place out at Luddenham which apparently has been there for 60 years but none of us have ever heard of it. When we got there our next door neighbour was there and apparently he's been going there since he was 2 and is now a volunteer!! Small world hey?
Anyway..this place is a Model Park where people with different model hobbies ie trains, slot cars, remote control cars etc gather and it's open to the public every last Sunday of the month. It was great watching all the different things. Michael was in his element as he has been into model trains since he was a kid and we just couldn't drag him out of there..LOL
The boys thought it was cool too and I took the opportunity to get some great pics so it was a good day had by all.
Thats about it for our exciting weekend..LOL..I'm off to get another batch of Rocky Road done before I lose the moment!
Take Care


Bec said...

I am getting fat just reading of those yummies you have made!!! *drool* lol
Thanks for your concern over my Nan hun, its greatly appreciated that we're in your prayers! A bummer about the no internet, but so glad you made wonderful use of your time! If only I could get that motivated! lol
Take care, have a fab week.
Love n Hugz

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