Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well I'll be buggered! I received a phone call tonight from the local police station informing me they had one of my brothers in for questioning and could I come down to be his support person! Like...half an hour before I had a meeting to attend that I really couldn't get out of. I don't know why I stress about them..they obviously don't worry about what they do and what it does to the family when they're doing what they do...but..family and all that stuff...
So now I'm home from my meeting and feeling really bad that I didn't go but I keep telling myself it's not worth the drama. They'll never learn and the more I keep running after them the more they'll drag me in to their shit...and believe me..there is a lot of 'their shit'. I told myself last time that I wouldn't make myself available to them anymore..that I think it's disgraceful that they rely on me so much to get them out of trouble when I have 6 kids and a husband myself but deep down I know they don't really have anyone else. Their father (my brothers are all step-brothers) is a complete asshole and my mother..although I know it's sounds bad..I believe is the reason why they are like they are. Karma has come back and bitten her right on the arse with the trouble them boys are going through right now..yet she continues to turn a blind eye and actually stick up for them knowing that other people..innocent people..are the victims when the boys feel like going on a 'rorting' spree!!
The youngest one was picked up apparently 2 weeks ago and will be spending time at the Governments Palace for the next 18 months..now the middle one. At least 1 of them is doing OK..which he always has really. I know she is my mother but seriously..she needs to do something about this cycle she has created. God forbid I never have to go through some of the stuff she has but I know that our upbringing and the way I bring my kids up are completely different. Like I said..karma has come back and bitten her fair on the arse.
I still haven't had a chance to ring my friend from school but I've been told she is doing OK. I'll ring her tomorrow.
Right now..I'm tossing up whether to ring the police station to see whether or not my brother is coming home tonight or whether he will be keeping the other brother warm tonight.
Family..you just can't pick 'em!


Bec said...

*Hugz* hun...and no you certainly can't pick your family!! Good on you for being strong enough not to continue to run around after your troublesome bros'...bit rude when like you say, you have 6 kids and a hubby!! Hope you're feeling okay.
Take care
Love n Hugz!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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