Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 3...

YAY! How excitement! I'm now officially entering Day 3 of this horrible journey to quit smoking...I must say I am quite proud of myself so far.
Still feeling stressed and as wound up as an alarm clock..sort of like a time bomb waiting to go off. I'm hoping this doesn't last for long though..I really don't like this stressed feeling.
I have parent/teacher interviews tonight so the teachers better be nice..LOL I don't trust myself when I'm in this wound up state..anything is likely to leave my mouth.
Ciao for now


Mardi said...

Good on you Sharryn...I gave up almost 10 years ago now...and I found it really tough...I was someone who always loved smoking but the expense was ridiculous(and that was cheap in comparison to today)...I can still remember this internal voice during the first week..."I NEED A SMOKE" " I NEED A SMOKE".. thankfully I resisted and now I just couldnt imagine smoking...I would be too frightened of the way it would make me feel (I know a night out in a smokey venue and Im aching all over)....Good luck with it.
..and you wont get the "told you so" talk from me...I know how damn hard it is..Mardi x

Sam said...

good on you!!! Fantastic Sharryn. An no you wouldn't get that 'I told you so' from here either.AND you should be very proud of yourself! What made it a little better for me was getting on a plane to the UK and not being able to smoke for 24 hours. I had my last one just before boarding and that was the last one I ever had, although once I landed it was not easy.

Bec said...

Yaayyy!!! You're doing well Sharryn! Day 3 is excellent :-) No "told you so's" from this corner either, only praise!
Keep up the fantastic back tomorrow to see how you're doing :-)

Love n hugz

Julie said...

WTG Sharryn!
wow keep going! That's a great achievement. :)

Anonymous said...

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