Thursday, June 15, 2006

And the winner is.........

The winner of the 1000th post RAK competition is.....drum roll please...ROFL....
The boys say it was fun so will have to do something like that again! So Sam..if you could email or PM me your address a RAK will be on it's way to you. :)
This afternoon I went clothes shopping...ew..gross...but I'm telling you I was desperate!! I TOTALLY hate clothes shopping but I managed to get it over with pretty quickly and come out relatively unscathed..LOL
I got 2 pairs of jeans, a nice pair of 'dress' trackies, 3 jumpers, 7 pairs of undies, 1 bra and 1 pair of shoes. Oh..I also bought myself a spencer 'cos I can't handle the cold...can you imagine..a spencer!! Who'd've of thought..LOL
I made a Get Well card for my friend today that I'll be taking to her tomorrow. I spoke to her today and she is still in good spirits and hopefully she will remain that way. Poor chicken. :(
My Josh is home with the flu at the moment and he's really crook with it so I've just bought him a heap of medicine. Even though he is a big boy now (19) it's still not nice when they're sick. :(
I've managed to finish 2 CJ's this week and the card..but no more layouts yet. I'm still working on this Masters entry but it's really pissing me off..LOL
Oh...and to all you girls that frequent Memory Bugs thanks for telling me!! Don't worry...'cos I've bloody well found you and I'm coming to haunt the lot of you...ROFL!!
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

I share your hate of clothes shopping...although I love new clothes. I just hate catching sight of my fat bod in those store fitting room mirrors...gross.
LOL....we would love to see you at Memory Bugs...the more the merrier thats for sure.
Hope your boys feeling better.
Mardi x

Sam said...

Thanks Sharryn :D .....

When I am skinny and in shape I LOVE to clothes shop, but in my current slight overweight state.. I too hate it!!

Kylie said...

congratsies sam!

i also HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE clothes shopping!

Kylie said...

rotfl about MB. you should have come to the crop, tomorrow. silly sausage. i thought i told you about it. i am dumb, lol

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