Wednesday, June 14, 2006

YAY!! FINALLY published!

Hey all,
Well this month FINALLY my first ever LO has been published in SC!! YAY!! I got a contributors copy yesterday and I must say the LO looks K but the pic..which is actually a good one..looks pretty average. Oh well.
I have SO got to pull my finger out and start cooking for this years school fete. This is my 10th year on the home made lollies stall and I think I'm becoming a bit complacent with the whole thing..maybe it's time for a change. I have got a few people who want to help cook this year though so it shouldnt be too bad.
I spoke to my friend from school yesterday..the one that found the lump in her breast...devastating news for her..she is going back in on Monday for a mastectomy the poor thing. She is in good spirits though but I know deep down she is freaking. She doesn't have any family only her son so that must make things even harder for her. She has a good friend support network though. I'm going to see her on Friday.
The boys are going to draw the winner of the RAK competition tonight..LOL..they are actually looking quite forward to they say..small things...LOL
So..stay tuned..
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Kylie said...

That's awesome Shaz! I'll have to grab a look! LOL start cooking! FUNFUNFUN! lmao.. oh the good ol days...

Sam said...

yummm to the school fete and sweets stall :)

Sad news about your friend. Breast cancer is an ugly thing. But I hope that she will be ok. It's great that she has a good support network.
Sending positive thoughts her way.

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