Sunday, June 18, 2006

Weekend news...not much..LOL

Hey all,
Wots' doin'??
My poor boy Joshua ended up so sick..he had acute tonsilitis and for a while there I was going to take him up the hospital as the antibiotics weren't doing anything! He is a lot better now though but he can still hardly speak or swallow. :(
Haven't done much exciting stuff this weekend. Rhiannon has worked all weekend, my father stayed last night and has just left and I ironed all morning and have almost finished putting it away.
Jack has a birthday party to go to this afternoon and I'm really not looking forward to going. I don't know the people very well.
I've seriously got to tidy my scrap table I have shit everywhere!! How do you scrap like that???
Still haven't been to buy the stuff for the fete yet but will get that done some time this week. I just can't seem to get into that either.
Anyway...not getting anything done sitting here.
Chat soon


Bec said...

Great to see everything in its proper place again Sharryn! :-) Sounds like you've got some busy times coming up with the fete..don't forget your 'me' time though!!!
*Hugz* and have a great week head!
Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

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