Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A-Z Comp.

OMG!! How long do we have to wait until they announce the winners of the A-Z album???????????????????
I SO can't wait any longer!! It's driving me nuts!!
I know they have started sending albums home and each day mine doesn't come home is a bonus I suppose as it means I'm still in with a chance!!
The delivery guy has just done our street and missed our house..thank goodness!! LOL
Surely they are going to announce the winner soon!
I have to go back up the hospital at 1.30p.m to get Jyes arm re-plastered and I bet they ring then..ROFL!! is the canvas I made Rhiannon for her birthday last Thursday.

1 comment:

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn...and how funny to be actually praying the postman doesnt call...usually we are hoping he does. I really hope you do well.....winning a prize would be fantastic.
Ive got my fingers crossed for you.

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