Monday, May 15, 2006

Mothers Day blues

So..I didn't have such a great Mothers Day. :(
I don'[t really know why..maybe hormones..maybe everything from the past few months catching up with me..I'm not sure..but nevertheless I was quite emotional.
We started the day off with breakfast at a park with Michaels family which I was quite looking forward too just to get out of the house for a while. We only stayed there for 2 hours 'cos my nieces boyfriend was playing footy and they were all going to watch. I kinda felt like a shag on a rock when they all packed up to go and only our stuff was still there!!
I was a little upset that Rhiannon and Josh were working and Josh..being your average 19yr old hadn't rang me or sent me a message for Mothers Day by 12.30p.m He did come home shortly after that though to get ready for work and I got the kiss and the Happy Mothers Day.
So for the rest of the day I was very irritable and fidgety and I didn't know what to do with myself...being a bit of a sorry ass really.
Then the waterworks just couldn't be held in any longer and as much as I tried to contain it...the tears fell like Warragamba Dam!! Then Josh found me howling just before he had to go to work and he was freaking out a little as I'm not much of a crier and couldn't really give him an answer as to why I was crying in the first place!!
First introduction into dealing with a blubbering woman for him I think..LOL
God love him..he offered to stat home from work with me then that made the waterworks even more so.
He kept asking me over and over will I be alright and you know how that makes you worse?
Then I felt really bad for making him upset etc etc etc. Michael just blamed the whole thing on my family and not being able to see my mother yesterday which I think was partly the reason but not all of it.
This led to me having to tell Josh about my mother which I really didn't want to do but you can't shield your kids forever I suppose.
Sorry for raving today but just had to get this off my chest 'cos today I really don't feel any better.
Practise the smile..practise the smile.
Sharryn :(


Beth said...

I hope your day gets better Shaz! :)

Mardi said...

Ohhh...feeling blue just reading about your day....glad things have improved.

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