Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jye's arm IS broken!!!

OMFG..what is this world coming too?? Well..our health system actually!!
I'm told on Saturday that Jye's arm wasn't broken..then I get a phone call from the hospital today from a Paed. doctor asking how his arm is and if I could possibly come back in this afternoon because..it IS broken!!!
What the?? 4 days after..they are now just realising it's broken?
That is absolutely disgusting!! That aside..it is the 3rd time that our local hospital has misdiagnosed broken arms in our family alone!! Jye broke both his arms in June 2003 and when we were at the hospital that afternoon I'd asked the doctor to check his left arm also as it wasn't right. His answer to that?? Oh no..he wouldn't have 2 broken arms!!
Then last November when I broke my wrist..the first doctor sais no it wasn't broken! Thankfully a senior doctor was there and had a look and sure enough..on went the plaster. My hand was twice the size as the other at that stage..surely that gave it away??
To make matters worse..Jye and I sat up at the hospital on Saturday afternoon for just under 3 hours..AFTER they took the x-ray. Then this doctor that rang me this afternoon tells me that we'll be seen to straight away. Well 3 and a half hours later...Jye was finally plastered.
Absolutely ridiculous.
I am very grateful to the doctor that looked at his X-rays and for picking the fracture up..but 4 days later to me is really bizarre. Why didn't the Paed. doctor look at the x-rays on Saturday if there was question around it? I'll be sending a 'not so nice' letter to the hospitals Director..thats for sure.
Hope you all had a better day than me.
Sharryn :(


Sam said...

thats terrible :( poor little guy.
3 times in 3 years is getting beyond a joke :(

Mardi said...

Such bad luck Sharryn....poor little fellow and how brave he must have been to suffer with it for four days.

Mardi said...

Hi again Sharryn........just letting you know you have been tagged....check my blog

Anonymous said...

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