Thursday, May 04, 2006

My girl is 17!

It's my girls birthday today...she is now 17!! OMG..where does all the time go?
I scrapped her a great canvas for her birthday..even if I say so myself..LOL All pics of her Outback trip. Will take a pic and upload later.
Cooked her a lovely dinner..all her faves..chicken and vege pie..cauliflower in cheese sauce..carrots, beans and spinach with gravy..forgot the corn cobs though..LOL
Made a cake in a heart shape and apparently was nice..I haven't had any yet!!
FINALLY getting a chance to sit down.
Jyes plaster is ALREADY slowly but surely slipping off so looks like we'll have to get the fibreglass cast on. Will make enquiries tomorrow. Stupid friggen hospital can't even put a cast on!!
One of my very good friends who I've known for about 26 years rang me last Thursday about a blast from the past!!..LOL I still keep in contact with his sister but it was originally he and I that were the friends. He was the original 'good time boy' way back when we used to do the nightclubs and always up for a great night.
Pity we always knew he was gay!!
Turns out he didn't know that I knew he was gay and thats why he hasn't rang me for years..LOLOL..little does he know that I knew before him!! ROFL
Poor guy has had a lot of people put shit on him because of it so didn't contact any of his friends etc etc
How sad. that I've told him I really don't care which way he swings..I now have him and his boyfriend messaging me 24/7 for a chat!! Not a problem only that they obviously don't have kids and don't understand what it's like to have they chucked a hissy fit tonight 'cos I'm too busy to talk while I was cooking a 3 course friggen meal! Oh the hysterics of it all!! LOLOL
Looks like I'm in for some fun here!!
The pair of them at the moment are having an apparent 'cyberfight' with some girl who they say is supoosed to be their 'friend'..LOL Going hell for leather they are...oh well..whatever does it for people.
I'm off to bed..had a big day.
Take care

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