Sunday, April 30, 2006

Well hiddy hi!! LOL That's what Mr Hanky know Mr Hanky the Xmas poo from South Park??
Basically he is an animated turd with a Xmas hat have to have seen him to know what I'm on about..but one year I made my father in law a really cute Mr Hanky birthday cake..LOL Sorry..just brought back memories.
So..the boys had their cricket presentation today..was as boring as bat shit to say the least..LOL
Nah..wasn't that bad. They allr eceived lovely tropies and Jye cleaned up quite well. He got the batting trophy, batting aggregate and a really nice medallion in a case for 50 runs in an innings..which is awesome for Under 10's seeing as they are only allowed to bat for 4 overs. So here is a pic of the boys displaying their trophies..LOL Jedd is missing one and holding one of Jyes seeing as his arm is in a sling!! Don't they look excited?? Had a camera in their face all morning and now wearing their 'OMFG..WE ARE SO OVER THIS CRAP' looks!!
He has also been nominated for our clubs Under10's all rounder which will be a District presentation in the next couple of weeks...he gets the trophy..that and batting and batting aggregate..LOL But..I haven't told him he is getting them. He just thinks he is in the running at the moment.
Rhiannon has slept since she got home..poor bugger is still a bit sick. I still have to go through her pics to get the best ones..she has more of her friends though than of herself so I'm kinda hoping the friends took some of her!!
Back to school tomorrow for everyone and time to get some scrapping sone for the mother..YEEHAA!! I have CJ's coming out of my butt to finish..LOL
Also..the A-Z comp finished today officially so should be finding out the 4 winners soon!! Very exciting!!
Will be keeping any eye on that for the next couple of weeks.
Well I'm off to bed keep safe all and chat again soon.
P.S Oh..I received a really nice cut glass today at the cricket presentation for running the Milo Have-A-Go's last season. How embarrassing is it though having to walk down in front of the whole club to get it?? ROFL


Kylie said...

rotfl you crack me up

haha @ your boys. they all look the same omg. rotfl.

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn...your boys are gorgeous and talk about cleaning up at the trophy presentation...LOL
Ive got my Blog up and running with links now...thanks for your help.

Beth said...

ROFLOL!! So did you mean to make it look like Mr Hanky or are your cooking skills crap? LOL! JK!
Awesome stuff!
Goodluck for the a-z comp!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! Losing weight problem piece of crap

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