Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rhiannon is home!!

Well Rhiannon arrived home this afternoon safe and sound. :)
A little worse for wear..tired wise..LOL but had an absolute blast and reckons she'll definately be going back one day. Photos look awesome and I have lots to scrap..LOL
I can't believe that after some asshole knocked off BBQ last Saturday night..then on Thursday night Michael brought the truck home from work and someone had a go at getting into that. Thankfully they couldn't get in..but what is going on around here??
Jye played his first game of footy this morning and I spent the rest of the afternoon up at the hospital with him and a suspected broken arm. X-rays look OK but I don't trust that hospital!! Last time they sent him away he had..not 1..but 2 broken arms!! They only picked one break up and sent us home until the next day when they could operate on him!!!!! Also, they didn't pick my break up in November until I had a bone scan...
At least they've bandaged his arm and it is in a sling so I'll be keeping an eye on that big time!!
The boys have their club cricket presentation tomorrow so I'll be cleaning off the trophy cabinet to make room for more..LOL Actually..there isn't any more room!!
So thats my weekend.
Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far??
Take Care
Sharryn :)
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