Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tear jerking speech!!

OMFG...Did anyone just see that speech by David in the BB house??
Who wouldn't want to cuddle him and tell him we are ALL proud of him..let alone his Mum??????????
What a lovely guy...such a waste of a good man...but..if you're that way're that way inclined.
Can't believe I'm already howling 3 nights into watching Michael is walking around shaking his head already!! LOL I usually save the crying till at least the last 6 weeks..but that speech was a fair dinkum tear jerker!!
Also..during the speech..I got an SMS from one of my brothers telling me that my youngest brothers girlfriend is pregnant with child No. 3!! OMFG!! They can't look after the 2 they have now! I know thats a harsh call to make..but seriously..I can't believe it! The skank should know better! And so should my stupid, irresponsible, asshole brother! Some people should never be allowed to have kids..and let me tell or not..they should've never had them. Poor little buggers.
I got a phone call from Rhiannon yesterday at about 10.00a.m saying 'Guess where I am?' Well..umm..I don't know Rhiannon..on the back of a camel?
No..on the top of Ayres Rock!!
Cool...can't wait till she gets home though...she's home at 4.30p.m Saturday!!
I have to say congrats to my friend Kylie for making the DT here at our local LSS!! YAY!! That's AWESOME!!
Way to go girl!! Before you know it you'll be on the DT on the Boxx!! ROFL
Anyway...until later..take care!!

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