Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quick post today..

Whew...just finished an absolute shit load of ironing..LOL
Why do these kids have so many clothes?? I've had to wash EVERYTHING we took camping..even clean clothes because of the campfire smoke all through it..gross.
Gor an SMS from Rhiannon this morning..FINALLY they have reception again. The camel trek is over and they are now in Ayres Rock. It's a quiet day today..gathering supplies for the final part of the journey which is walking the base of the Rock, walking to the top...then walking the rim of Kings Canyon then down into it. Amazing stuff.
Unfortunately we didn't make the Anzac Day ceremony this morning which I would've liked to have gone to.
This afternoon I will get all the boys winter uniforms out and try them on them...oh what joy oh what fun!!
Boring stuff today!!
Oh..I finished my first book of me layout for the year last night..can't believe I'm so behind in that but the A-Z album took up all my time. Theme for the layout is favourites..so I titled mine 'Favourites at 38'. It's the first paper layout I've done since January that I've been able to use whatever I like colour, product etc wise and I must admit I struggled with it a bit..having all that freedom..LOL So it didn't really turn out like I wanted but I've posted it here anyway.
Sharryn :)


Beth said...

Gorgeous layout Sharryn! Glad to hear Rhiannon is ok. No way would I be doing crappy ironing! YUCK!

Kylie said...

lol at your ironing. What have i told you before? you should have stopped at 2, rotfl pmsl.

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