Saturday, April 01, 2006

Boring post..LOL

Not much to say this morning..for once..LOL! Just done all the housework and now I'm washing sheets so not very exciting.
Almost finished my layout for T for the album and almost got covers almost there!
Off to my old haunt Canley Vale tomorrow for footy with the boys. They are playing against the Kookas that my eldest, Josh, played for, for years.
Josh has just gone in his car for the first time since his accident and I'm stressing about that..LOL. His feet still aren't that good but he should be fine. Has only gone local so I told him if he gets stuck we'll come and get him.
That's about it..Jayden and Jack are playing the PS2, Rhiannon is at work, Jedd is out with the kids in the street riding his skateboard, Jye is up the Square with my father and Michael is out in the garage where he just about lives..probably playing the other PS2. That leaves me with a quiet minute to blog..LOL
So..I'll leave it there..until next time..take care.

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