Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over footy already and it hasn't even started yet!! Jye has been dropped back to the B side. He doesn't have a drama with that..he understands why. I, on the other hand, obviously do...but I don't know why. I mean, lets face it, I didn't want him playing footy this year anyway!!
BUT..I'm not having assh*le kids from the A side make snide remarks to my son about being dropped. I don't give a sh*t whether they are under 10's or 1st grade players..there is no need for that. I've spoken to his coach about it and he was livid..knowing that a couple of the boys are being little turds to Jye about being dropped.
So this is worked out. Why then, do I take hime to training tonight to find assh*le parents pointing at him and the other kid that was dropped like they are lepers? The same parents that were whining that their kids weren't picked for the A side? Now Jye and the other kid are back they're whining again? Yeah..I know why. It's because Jye and Jack (the other kid) are going to blitz the field...same as they did before and their kids aren't going to get a look in!!
Sorry...but I'm so pissed with this political crap at the moment that I probably seem like I'm raving..but thats what you get when you become involved with your kids. It's either sit back and let them get walked over..or get involved.
I choose to be involved. Believe me...sometimes I think it's better to sit back.
Me :(

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Sam said...

It's Cr*p - Good luck to Jye, hope he does blitz the field :)
I too am sick of political sh*t but for totally different reasons.
I hope it gets better for you and Jye.

Take Care

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