Monday, April 03, 2006

R.I.P Eric!!!

Well...we have had a death in the family today...Eric the gecko has passed away this afternoon..and ..OMFG..apprently it's MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the???????????????
So I think I'm doing the right thing by taking the container off the decking rail where the gecko is sure to plummet to it's death as the boys have a Pupil Free Day right?? I put it on the decking floor where it has the sun on it's back..can do what geckos do in their man-made containers...well..apparently..the sun was too strong and I've cooked the friggen' gecko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The stupid thing was suffering from anorexia since it was found from wandering the house after a 5 day absence anyway!!!
How is that MY fault?? Haven't these kids realised that animals and us just don't mix???
Fair dinkum!!!
Oh..and if you can..start petitioning schools about pupil free days!! What the F?? I never had pupil free days!!
Again..thinking I'm doing the right thing..I booked 'Wrestlemania' for the boys on Foxtel..( can't NOT watch Wrestlemania!!) the whole time it's on they are acting like fair dinkum ferals..meanwhile I'm paying $30- for them to watch it..OMFG!! I'm sure my boys took 'pupil free day red cordial tablets' today!!
Then my darling sister-in-law turns she does every year when 'Wrestlemania' is on!! I soooooooooo don't know why she doesn't get Fox on!! Have to admit though..Eddie Guerrero was admitted to the WWE Hall of Fame today and I cried!! It was so sad..he was a legend!! Made the boys want to rip my Eddie dolls out of their boxes and play with them..NOT!! LOL... I got 3 Eddie dolls for the other 4 I already had!!
I love Eddie Guerrero!!
I spoke to a very special friend of mine tonight who has a Downs baby..he is almost 2 and very, very lucky to be here. He is doing OK but is still tube fed and severely delayed. Makes you want to hug your kids extra close doesn't it?
On a lighter note..I have 4..yes 4..layouts to go till the end of the album!! OMFG..I soooooooo don't want to EVER see the papers I've used for this album again..EVER!!
Covers are done..just 4 layouts..oh..and the back of each layout will have the ususal 'materials used' list stuck on.
4 weeks to get it in..but I want at least a weeks grace..don't want to be late.
On that note..I will go and stick a few things down!!..LOL
Take Care
Sharryn :)
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