Monday, March 27, 2006

Well...the phone call came from the coach. :( he and Jye built up a really good friendship over last season..he asked me could he come around and see him face to face instead which I thought was a really decent thing to do. Jye has taken it really well actually although he is the sort of kid that doesn't say much. I think he really has to make the decision as to what sport he wants to play..don't think I could go through that again..LOL
Had a HUGE argument with my brother this afternoon who is now home from hospital. Told him what I thought basically and it wasn't good. Had enough of his crap and have decided I'm not going to take it anymore. Life is too short to worry about people that obviously don't want to help themself and I've spent far too much time stressing about them and their lifestyles.
Oh forgot to mention that I went and got all my hair cut off on Saturday afternoon!! About 3-4 inches actually and I hate it. I don't know why I do it. I grow it really long then get sick of it and get the chop..LOL
I'll get used to it and it grows so fast so won't be long before it's where I want it. Never get it too short..just shoulder length but thats heaps short for me.
Got most of the house work done today so I'm having a scrapping day tomorrow I've decided..LOL
Anyway..2 posts in one day...evan a lot for me!!
Take Care

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