Monday, March 27, 2006

OMG..I had the most awesome day yesterday!!! Friends of mine from Gosford are in a 4wd club and they had a run down here at Appin so I met them out there with the 4 youngest boys and we had an absolute blast!!
Apparently they catagorise their tracks from a Grade 1 which is just sealed road to a category 5 which is pretty turbulent..LOL The track yesterday was a category 4 and very hectic to say the least!!
The boys had a great day and went on the harder hills up and down with the drivers which I didn't think they would do. I think the highlight of the day for them (and I must admit me) was when one of the little Suzukis actually rolled!! It was great fun and we're hoping to do it again soon.
Didn't get any scrapping a matter of fact didn't get ANYTHING done all weekend..LOL
Just finished the ironing and put it all away which was no mean feat in itself!!
Haven't heard from Jye's coach yet but I'm sure we will this afternoon.
Well I'm off to vaccuum now.
Sharryn :)


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