Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Josh does it again!!

My darling son Josh has done it again!! Came home last night from the skate park as he had a night off and he and a few of his mates recently bought skateboards to relive their childhood perhaps??
Anyway..Josh has decided to do the big stair jump and landed that hard on both his feet that one of them is bleeding internally somehow..burst all the blood vessels and possibly fractured although X Rays were clear. Then again so were my wrist ones until I had a bone scan!! So now he is home on crutches with two huge, black feet!! Great!! LOL
Got half a layout completed today..so much for a day of scrapping!! NOT!!
Am just cooking dinner now as we have footy training tonight. Thank goodness Rhiannon has a bye with touch footy tonight..I'm having an early night!!
I took this pic of Jye on Sunday which I really love so thought I'd post it to share.
Take care all
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